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02. Prison Law

Prison Law


Being incarcerated is an objectively difficult experience. On top of dealing with the loss of one's liberty, an incarcerated person has to contend with unsafe conditions, human rights violations, lack of accountability from the state, among many other injustices. It is often an uphill battle getting legal recourse for correctional issues. MCW Law is one of the few firms who practices prison law. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights and fair treatment of those who are incarcerated in this country's prisons and jails.

Matthew was the co-leader of a group of students who worked with community groups, lawyers, and professors to develop a prison law course and then lobbied Osgoode Hall Law School to offer this course to prospective lawyers.


At MCW Law, we support incarcerated people through: parole hearings and appeals, suspension and revocation hearings, disciplinary hearings, and habeas corpus applications.

If you have a loved one in provincial or federal custody who requires the services of a prison lawyer, don't hesitate to reach out to us at MCW Law.


If one is incarcerated, the likelihood they have access to a lot of money is very low. We accept all Legal Aid certificates for prison law services. If it is a service that is not covered by Legal Aid, Matthew will work out a fair payment plan with the client's support on the outside.

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