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01. Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We primarily service courthouses in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Peel, Durham, York, and Halton) but we can take cases outside of this area on a case-by-case basis.​

The criminal legal process is overwhelming, even if it is not your first time in the system. There are seemingly never-ending court dates, terms and procedures you may not understand, unfair treatment, et cetera. If you are incarcerated as a result of your criminal charges, the overwhelming feeling of being charged with a crime only amplifies. You deserve someone who will walk you through this process with compassion, expertise, and confidence. That is what you will get at MCW Law.

We represent people with charges including, but not limited to, impaired driving, drug trafficking, robbery, property offences, assault, and firearms. We also help with provincial offences, such as stunt driving and driving without insurance.

MCW Law is a full-service criminal defence firm: we will assist you from when you are arrested all the way to your trial date. We conduct bail hearings, pre-trial meetings, Charter motions, guilty pleas, peace bonds, and contested trials. And at every step of the way, we will be one phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

Free Consultation

Your case starts the moment police charge you with a crime. You may be unsure of your options at that point and need guidance on how to move forward. If you have an active criminal case, call Matthew at 416-206-7059 and he can walk you through next steps and provide a quote for retainer fees.

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