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03. Movement Law

Movement Law

Matthew has been involved in social movements and organizing since his teenage years. He has been involved in movements addressing racism, poverty and capitalism, policing, and incarceration, among other issues. As a lawyer, he has continued to be involved with grassroots organizing but also now provides legal support to the groups he is a part of.

Whether it is giving legal advice, defending criminalized organizers, or discussing legal strategies with organizers, MCW Law is committed to supporting the groups and movements that drive change in our society.

A (non-exhaustive) list of groups that MCW Law has supported:

Freedom Is A Must Foundation

Toronto Prisoners' Rights Project


Black Liberation Collective

Legal Profession Against Retaliation 


There is no fee attached to this sort of work. As long as the group's principles align with what we stand for at MCW Law, you can rest assured our support comes with no price tag.

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